I got my start writing for tabletop RPGs by creating sourcebooks and supplements for D&D 5e. This was an excellent playground to create within a known set of well-known rules. I focus most of my writing on creating interesting and unique content that doesn’t rely on the players just punching increasingly large monsters. The DMs Guild website allowed me to quickly and easily distribute this work to players around the world.

Create-An-Oath: A Paladin Oath Creation Guide

Love playing those holy warriors but tired of the same old Oaths? This sourcebook provides a clear guide to creating your very own paladin Oath compatible with 5e. My guide is based on research of the eight official paladin Oaths as well as other homebrew and community-created content. It offers clear guidance along with examples. Included are two new paladin Oaths that I created with this guide, shown step-by-step to help guide you along the process.

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Undead Races PC Sourcebook

This book provides 4 new races for undead characters. You can start a character as one of these races, but the book also provides guidance on how to transition a recently killed PC to one of these new races to continue the adventure. Included is the bound spirit, the vampire, the specter, and the soulless. Each race has its own new powers and abilities, but they all come at a cost. No one escapes death unscathed.

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Bear PC Sourcebook

My second book was about bears. In the aforementioned home game, I had a player who wanted to get really weird and play a regular bear. Not a druid, not polymorphed, not a magic bear. Just a bear. So I created a homebrew class for him that borrowed heavily from barbarian and fighter styles. We had so much fun with it that I wanted to take it a step further. This sourcebook allows players to portray a bear through 20 levels, including 4 subraces, 2 classes, and 3 backgrounds.

This book is such a cool and intriguing guide to something I didn’t know I needed: playing a true hero among bearkind. If that sounds like it might be your jam, check this out! – Richard M. (full review)

The author did an amazing job in making a bear something that people would want to play, even people who would at first be skeptical. – Seth M. (full review)

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The Hag’s Hexes

One of the largest books I’ve worked on, I helped with editing and proofreading on several chapters of this sourcebook focusing on hags. It includes curses, bargains, many new types of hags, and a beastiary of hag-related monsters. It also includes several premade adventures for DMs and players to quickly dive into the weird world of hags.

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Destiny Abroad Adventure

My first supplement is based on a home game that I ran. I’ve always tried to address having players go too far off the rails right out of the gate. I put them on a ship so the only way out of my sandbox was to jump overboard. Luckily that didn’t happen. The ship is full of characters to interact with, a mutinous plot, and a tough decision. When the players complete the adventure, they’ll be level 2 and arriving at whatever port the DM wants, leading seamlessly into the next adventure.

A short and simple ship-based adventure featuring a fun little munity for level 1 PCs, though lacking in any maps or portraits. – Eric W.

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Artifacts & Curiosities

This sourcebook was inspired by the Inktober 2017 drawing challenge where artists attempt an ink drawing every day for 31 days. Using the provided prompts, I themed all of my drawings on RPG-oriented items, weapons, and locations. The content in this book can be dropped into any game or setting to spice up the loot players are receiving. Includes 4 weapons and 15 magical items.

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…Walk into a Tavern

This sourcebook was a collaborative project from a variety of seasoned and new DMs Guild authors. The premise is the classic joke “So, a person walks into a bar and…” and how that can be interpreted in a fantasy setting. Most DMs are familiar with starting players in a tavern or inn to kick off a game. These one-page encounters are great ways to make that scenario isn’t the same, stale experience it usually is.

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