Mall Kids is a rules-light, accessible RPG system where you play teens working at the mall. You will act out a series of scenes throughout the day with your friends, dealing with personal relationships and goals, all the while the action of the mall playing in the background. Will you save the mall from closing, figure out where the missing janitor went, or ask out your secret crush by the end of your shift?

The cover art and graphic design was done by the wonderfully talented Kaitlin Bruder. Her unique style and fundamental understanding of the game’s soul helped bring to life the four teens you see on the cover, along with additional interior illustration.

Mall Kids was successfully funded on Kickstarter in February as part of Kickstarter’s #ZineQuest. Over 200 backers pledged their support to facilitated a physical printing of the rules along with bonus content from some amazing writers, designers, and RPG players.

The book is still be produced but will be available on Gumroad in both physical and digital formats after backer fulfillment. Check back here to get your copy in April!

Cover art illustration and design by Kaitlin Bruder