Stranded is a solo RPG about wilderness survival in an isolated and hopeless scenario. The game features a light set of rules to define and resolve challenges that allow for endless possibilities and solutions. All you need to play is the rule book, which comes with enough play sheets for 10 games, and 3 six-sided dice and you’re ready to explore the extent of your survival instincts.

Stranded uses only 3 six-sided dice to power challenge resolution and offers a 4-tiered success model that accounts for the grey area that is missed by binary pass/fail game systems. Players will choose a primary skill to resolve the challenge, rolling 2 dice against their skill rating. A third die can be added to represent a secondary skill, something that may aid in the overall goal of the challenge. In this way, multiple skills can be combined in a variety of ways to accurately reflect the narrative actions of the character.

Currently in playtesting, my hope is to bring Stranded to Kickstarter by the end of the year. I am looking to publish all game materials digitally as well as small printed booklets that will come complete with rules and play sheets. Additional books will be printed for extra sheets and journaling pages depending on the initial funding.

If you are interested in playtesting Stranded, please reach out to me via the Contact Page.

Coming to Kickstarter in Fall of 2018. eh, sometime?