Tapestry (working title) is a complete storytelling and role-playing game that fits in a mint tin. Powered by unique domino cards, players take turns choosing prompts to interpret into the story, acting on plans, posing hard questions, and exploring the world they create.

Tapestry started as an entry to The Game Crafter mint tin challenge, but quickly outgrew the parameters of the contest. Requiring some addition writing materials not provided in the tin, along with a much longer play time, it was obvious that this game, though small, was much bigger than I set out to create. Now I’m working on finishing the game, with help from a core group of playtesters, to be released through either crowd funding or other preorder system.

A story of space-faring pirates on a repo mission.

For updates and progress on Tapestry, you can follow me @mrmatthew on Twitter.